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Filing For Divorce in Florida – Things You Should Know Before You Do It

Deciding to file for divorce in Florida can be very daunting. Whether you want to end your marriage, simply get a divorce, or have your ex go through a divorce proceeding (aka. “legacy visitation”), there are many factors to consider.

Florida has a very specific set of laws and rules that govern a divorce proceeding. In order to qualify as a good candidate for divorce in Florida, the person filing must meet all of the legal requirements. In order to be considered for divorce in Florida, you must meet all of the following requirements:

* If you have children together, you must be a good candidate for divorce in Florida. Florida courts will only allow a divorce when both parents are at fault in a child’s death. This makes children extremely vulnerable to having a couple’s custody ruled upon in a divorce.

* You must also have a joint and a shared interest in any of your property or financial affairs. As mentioned earlier, these are the only assets and debts that Florida courts will allow the spouses to share after divorce. Any property or debt that is the spouses’ sole or separate property must be sold to pay their respective alimony or child support payments, as well as debt that is being collected by garnishment.

* If you are making child support or alimony payments to your ex, you are not considered a good candidate for divorce in Florida. Florida child support and alimony laws vary according to the state. Both of these laws are not only expensive, but are a major drain on your finances and your health.

* If you are or were the primary caretaker of the children, you must prove to the court that you are no longer able to provide for the children. If you do not do this, you could be ordered to pay thousands of dollars for the care of your children after divorce. This is the first step towards having a divorce in Florida.

* Be sure to discuss your ex’s financial situation with your attorney. If you are planning on getting a settlement, you must know exactly how much money your ex’s monthly income is. This can be helpful when negotiating child support payments.

If you plan on filing for divorce in Florida, there are several things to consider before you get in front of a judge. The information in this article will help you prepare for your divorce in Florida. Take the time to learn what to expect and you can ensure that your divorce goes smoothly.

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